Theme: The Art of Looking - Instagram Project

Response to Mastered's first 2017 Collaboration Brief, set by acclaimed Art Director @fabienbaron

Creative Direction: ESSENTIALS CREATIVE @essentialscreative
Art Direction: Misa Yamamoto & Fabian Villa
Photography: Fabian Villa & Nina Hawkins
Video: Steven Casanova
Styling: Kaiden Ho & Nina Hawkins
Hair & Makeup: Fabian Alejandro Diaz
Models: Annaleesa & Arianna Wissinger
Location: San Antonio Central Library

Looking at shapes, angles, light and shadows of the architecture, our team was drawn to the San Antonio Central Library for it's multiple viewpoints. In my youth, I flipped through books, rented foreign movies and educated myself about arts and culture. I return to the library to photograph twins with fashion styling that flows with the geometric forms of the building. The final step is the layout for Instagram emphasizing geometric shapes of the architecture. For me 'the art of looking' is about walking around, seeing art from different perspectives, contemplating, and being on the lookout for inspiration.  -Fabian Villa  @fabianvillaimage