Essentials is a multi-media collective producing holistic applied arts experiences. These multi-faceted events incorporate disciplines such as photography, fashion, graphic design, video, projection, animation, music, and installation. These elements come together to create a holistic, unified, multi-sensory experience. Although a single image may have included many of us, there is always a unified vision—a shared voice expressing an interest in experimentation, fluidity, and diversity. 

Essentials creates a platform for underrepresented artists to express themselves and find support within their field. We celebrate collaboration with other creatives and constantly seek emerging talent, innovative voices, and unseen narratives. We are and embrace artists of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community.



Essentials x Gravelmouth: Amexican@

November – December 2016
At Gravelmouth Gallery (San Antonio, TX) as part of the extended Amexican@ exhibition curated by Shek Vega.


Young Latino Artists 21: Amexican@ 

June – August 2016
Group exhibition at Mexic-Arte Museum (Austin, TX) curated by Shek Vega.


Hidden Face: collage Workshop

August 18, 2016
Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas
In conjunction with Young Latino Artists 21: Amexican@ Group Exhibition

Participants were able to attend a presentation by Essentials about their process, references, and underlying concepts. The audience then got their portraits taken by the Essentials team, which were then used to create expressive collages. The attendees experimented with a variety of materials in their collage, including prints, typography, illustrations, ink, cellophane, and other found materials. 

Proposal: Sensory Lounge

Dear Luminaria Artistic Advisory Committee,

We seek to create a complete light, sound, and environmental installation to transform the urban downtown landscape and envelop the senses of the Luminaria audience within an interactive and otherworldly exhibition. With the support of your committee, the Essentials collective will utilize our interdisciplinary approach to design a lounge experience where visitors may engage with artworks, interact with the space, and socialize in our unique universe.

An outdoor component of projected visuals will attract viewers’ attention and bridge the divide between settings with suggestions of the interior themes.  

Within the venue, divided sections will exhibit multiple varied themes along lines of media – print, video, sound, projection- with the overarching effect of drawing guests further into the space and suspending perception of external environment. The exhibition will be immersive and curious. Visitors may socialize, or lounge, while each walkthrough of the space offers alternative narratives as sections open and close paths to discovery.

The enclosed habitat of the production creates opportunity to experiment with new media and technology, including projection-mapping, light reflecting mirrors, digital monitor displays, lasers, and light installation. We will activate these tools with regard to exhibition design, set design, and studio photography.

We intend to collaborate with musicians, as we have collaborated in the past with Calico Club and Joe Raymond Vega, to help compose sound design for the space. 

Luminaria is a walking and touring experience. The installation’s divided exhibition spaces will syncopate the motions of Luminaria, and also address desires for rest by providing a lounge to socialize and relax in the unique universe that is Essentials. Our mission is to create spaces that uplift our diverse community, and we will produce an exhibition that emphasizes cultural diversity, community engagement, and technical innovation.

Below are references for our proposal.

Thank you for your consideration.



For our proposal we request a budget of $7,000 for materials, production, and installation. 

This would include budget for: 

  • New hardware: projectors, lasers, monitors, external drives
  • Printing: oversized black and white laser prints, oversized color photographic prints, screen printing
  • Payment to contract workers: installers, preparators, or assistants
  • Materials: 2x4s, mirrors, plexiglass, paper, fiber optic cable, projector screens
  • Framing
  • And other production costs


Thank you for your consideration.