Essentials Creative x Tempo 2D

Photo Gallery: Portrait/Collage Workshop

Portrait/Collage Workshop with Essentials Creative

Essentials Creative will lead a portrait/collage workshop using techniques from their previous installations. Guests will learn about the pre-production, production, and post-production process. This includes using reference images, styling, modeling, printing, and collaging their own expressive portraiture.

Bring Your Own Fashion! And be ready to have your portrait taken in studio!

Note: This is our community engagement project for Tempo 2D temporary mural in collaboration with the City of Austin Arts. Our location for the mural will be on Bolm Street and installed in September. We invite our neighbors and community to come out and be part of our art. Your image/collage could be incorporated into our Tempo 2D mural design (if you leave us a photo release form).

Workshop Instructions:
1. Sign In.
2. See the Presentation by Essentials Creative.
3. Get your studio portrait taken.
4. Print out your favorite photo.
5. Collage/abstract your portrait onto the paper provided.
6. Get Essentials to Photograph/Document your collage before you leave.
7. Share and Tag #EssentialsTempo2D
8. Follow the Project:

About Essentials Creative:

Essentials is a multimedia collective producing holistic applied arts experiences based in Austin, TX. These multi-faceted events incorporate disciplines such as photography, fashion, graphic design, video, projection, animation, music, and installation. Although a single image may include many Essentials members, there is always a unified vision of experimentation, fluidity, and diversity.

Essentials creates a platform for underrepresented artists to express themselves and find support within their field. In the search for emerging talent, innovative voices, and unseen narratives, collaboration with other creatives is celebrated. Essentials is composed of and embraces artists of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community.

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Workshop Dates:

July 3, 2019 6-9pm at Austin School of Film

July 13, 2019 12-3pm at Big Medium

What is Tempo 2D?

The City of Austin’s Art in Public Places (AIPP) program of the Cultural Arts Division, Economic Development Department, requested proposals from professional visual artists or artist teams to design, fabricate, install and de-install short-term or time-based exterior artworks in City-owned sites within Austin Public Library Department property. TEMPO expanded to include wall-based artwork. Through the TEMPO 2D program, twelve local artists were selected to create hand-painted murals, vinyl adhesive artwork, and fiber art at locations across Austin including public parks, the Austin Bergstrom International Airport, and other high-profile locales. In October 2019, ten new artists will create all new works.

Our site for tempo 2D is 4801 Bolm Road.

After researching and learning about the history of Govalle area and the east side of Austin, we surely think it’s important that we include the community in our art. This is our first public art and we believe that public art has a responsibility to engage with the community.

We would love to invite the community to our collage portraits workshop. We are planning to incorporate collage portraits from the workshop into our mural design to represent the creative community (if you leave us a photo release form).

Tempo 2D Artist Selection