Instituto Cultural de Mexico, Diego Rivera Gallery


Essentials Creative is a multi-media collective producing holistic applied arts experiences. These multi-faceted events incorporate disciplines suchas photography, fashion, graphic design, video, projection, animation, music, and installation. Although a single image may include many Essentials members, there is always a unified vision of experimentation, fluidity, and diversity. 

Essentials creates a platform for underrepresented artists to express themselves and find support within their field. In the search for emerging talent, innovative voices, and unseen narratives, collaboration with other creatives is celebrated. Essentials is composed of and embraces artists of color, women, and members of the LGBTQ community. 


Biochromatic examines the limitations and exploitations of human perception. Photography, print, projection, and installation are utilized to explore uncommon arrangements of light, such as those found in the fringes of the natural world or on the edges of the human visible spectrum. These medias are combined to reproduce the sensations one cannot directly experience, just as observational instruments require translation to explain such phenomena. 

In a second sense, Essentials subverts the pastoral narrative of natural discovery by presupposing the entrance of mass media. The eye is able to absorb an almost constant onslaught of information; but for all its abilities, modern media technology devalues and erodes this task of prehistoric survival. Advertorial predation on the sublime, and the relentless hypermedia that follows, is used to confront the resting state of perception. 

Biochromatic, loosely meaning “light produced by living organisms”, encompasses curiosities whose luminescence is unfamiliar, and the wholly human venture of illumination.